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Date of this Version

January 1998


Published in Nebraska Beef Cattle Report 1998, published by Agricultural Research Division, University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension, and Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska–Lincoln.


Spring versus Summer Calving for the Nebraska Sandhills: Production Characteristics
Performance of Summer- and Spring-Born Calves Finished as Calves or Yearlings
Use of the NRC Model for Evaluating Nutrient Balances of Grazing Beef Cattle
Dried Poultry Waste as a Protein Supplement for Cows Grazing Winter Forages
Escape Protein Supplementation and Weaning Effects on Calves Grazing Meadow Regrowth
Calving Difficulty and Calf Response to Stress
Effect of Summer Grazing on Crude Protein and Digestibility of Winter Diets of Cattle in the Nebraska Sandhills
Ruminal Degradation of Rubisco by Beef Cattle Grazing Switchgrass and Big Bluestem
Evaluating Stress in Calves Weaned at Three Different Ages
Induction of Estrus in Anestrous Suckled Beef Cows
A Novel Estrous Synchronization Program for Beef Cattle Using Melengestrol Acetate
Effects of Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone Antagonist On The Bovine Corpus Luteum
Regulation of LH Secretion by Progesterone in Heifers
Prolonged Elevated Concentrations of Estradiol Do Not Affect Conception Rates in Beef Cattle

Evaluation of Feather Meal for Calves Grazing Cornstalks
Feather Meal as a Source of Sulfur Amino Acids for Growing Steers
Cull Dry Edible Beans in Growing Calf Rations
Comparative Calf Grazing of Corn and Soybean Residues

Solvent-Extracted Germ Meal for Receiving Calves
Solvent-Extracted Germ Meal, Corn Bran and Steep Liquor Blends for Finishing Steers
Lipid Sources in Finishing Diets for Yearling Steers
An Enzyme-Microbial Feed Product for Finishing Steers
Lime Filtrate as a Calcium Source for Finishing Cattle
Extended Grazing and Byproduct Diets in Beef Growing Finishing Systems
Effect of Winter Gain on Summer Rate of Gain and Finishing Performance of Yearling Steers
Summer and Fall Forage Grazing Combinations: Five-Year Summary
Metabolism and Digestibility of Corn Bran and Corn Steep Liquor/Distillers Solubles
Effects of Feed Intake Variation on Acidosis and Performance of Finishing Steers
Observations on Acidosis Through Continual Feed Intake and Ruminal pH Monitoring
Phosphorus Requirement of Finishing Yearlings
Use of the NRC Model for Predicting Nutrient Balances of Finishing Cattle
Evaluation of 1996 NRC for Protein and Phosphorus Requirements of Finishing Cattle
Nutrient Balance of Nitrogen, Organic Matter, Phosphorus and Sulfur in the Feedlot
Nutrient Balance on Nebraska Feedlots

New Methods and Technology
In Situ Method for Estimating Forage Protein Degradability

Beef Products
Tenderness and Retail Stability of Hydrodyne-Treated Beef
Dietary Calcium and Phosphorous: Relationship to Beef Tenderness and Carcass Maturity