Department of Animal Science


Date of this Version

January 1998


Published in Nebraska Beef Cattle Report 1998, published by Agricultural Research Division, University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension, and Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska–Lincoln.


Trials conducted at the University of Nebraska’s Research Feedlot were used to validate the NRC Beef Cattle Nutrient Requirements Model. Guidelines were developed for nutrient values for feedstuffs commonly fed in Nebraska feedlots. Generally, the NRC model predicted DIP and MP balances which were in agreement with performance data. The NRC Model generally under-predicted feed intake. The NRC model correctly predicted DIP deficiencies in dry-rolled corn diets which did not contain supplemental degradable protein. The effective NDF level of wet corn gluten feed appears to be higher than that of dry-rolled corn. The NRC model is a useful tool for predicting DIP and MP balances for finishing Page 81 — 1998 Nebraska Beef Report cattle when accurate estimates of protein degradabilities and intake are available.