Department of Animal Science



Date of this Version

January 2000


Published in Nebraska Beef Cattle Report 2000, published by Agricultural Research Division, University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension, and Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska–Lincoln.


Age of Calf at Weaning of Spring-Calving Beef Cows and the Effect on Production Economics
Supplementing Metabolizable Protein to Yearling Heifers Grazing Winter Range
Refinement of the MGA/PGF Synchronization Program for Heifers Using a 19-Day PGF Injection
Replacement Heifer Development Programs
Copper Levels and Sources in Pre- and Post-calving Diets of First-Calf Cows

Effects of Length of Grain Feeding and Backgrounding Programs on Beef Carcass Characteristics
Compensatory Growth Response and Breakeven Economics of Yearling Steers on Grass
Evaluation of the 1996 Beef Cattle NRC Model Predictions of Intake and Gain for Calves Fed Low or Medium Energy Density Diets
Escape Protein Supplementation of Yearling Steers and Summer Born Calves on Native Sandhills Range
Metabolizable Protein Estimates of Treated Soybean Meal Products
Protein Evaluation of Porcine Meat and Bone Meal Products
Sugar Beet Pulp and Corn Silage for Growing Yearling Steers
Whole or Cracked Corn in Growing Rations or Steer Calves

Influence of Diet on Total and Acid Resistant E coli and Colonic pH
Effects of Programmed Gain Feeding Strategies on Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Yearling Steers
Sorting or Topping-off Pens of Feedlot Cattle
Growth Implants for Heifers
Delayed Implant Strategies Using Synovex® PlusTM on Performance and Carcass Characteristics in Finishing Yearling Steers
Effect of DiaFil (Diatomaceous Earth) Fed With or Without Rumensin® and Tylan®, on Performance, Internal Parasite and Coccidiosis Control in Finishing Cattle
The Effect of V-Max® on Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Finishing Cattle Fed Corn and Corn By-product Finishing Diets
Effects of Increasing Rumensin Level During a Potential Acidosis Challenge
Solvent-extracted Germ Meal as a Component of Wet Corn Gluten Feed: Effect on Ruminal Acidosis
Effect of Dry, Wet, or Rehydrated Corn Bran on Performance of Finishing Yearling Steers
Phase-feeding Metabolizable Protein for Finishing Steers
Dietary Phosphorus Effects on Waste Management and Nutrient Balance in the Feedlot
Effect of Increasing Dietary Corn Silage on Performance, Digestibility and Nitrogen Mass Balance in the Feedlot
Feed Program Impact on Land Requirements for Managing Manure Nutrients from a Feedlot
Exporting Feedlot Manure to Off-farm Users
Cleaning Coliform Bacteria from Feedlot Water Tanks

Beef Products
Adding Value to Low-quality Beef Muscles Through Glycolytic Inhibition in Pre-rigor Muscle
The Effects of Induced Stress and Supplemental Chromium on Meat Quality of Finishing Heifers