Department of Animal Science



Date of this Version

January 1999


Published in 1999 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report. Published by Agricultural Research Division & University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension , Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.



Cow/Calf: Effects of Time of Weaning on Cow and Calf Performance • Summer Grazing Date and Fall Grazing Intensity Effects on Protein Content and Digestibility of Fall Diets in the Nebraska Sandhills • Climate Affects Calf Birth Weights and Calving Difficulty • Trace Mineral Supplementation and Ovarian and Luteal Function in Pubertal Heifers • Progesterone Metabolism by the Liver and Brain During the Estrous Cycle of Heifers

Growing: Cysteine from Feather Meal and Sulfur Amino Acid Requirements for Growing Steers • Hog Hair Meal as a Protein Source for Ruminants • Pork Meat and Bone Meal Value Relative to Soybean Meal for Growing Calves • Steer Performance within Summer Grazing Systems • Calf Performance Grazing Crop Residues in Combination with Rye in Fall and Winter • Predicting Amount of Compensatory Gain • Corn Bran, Solvent-Extracted Germ Meal, and Steep Liquor Blends for Finishing Yearlings • Corn and Sorghum Distiller Grains for Finishing Cattle • The Relationship of Beef Primal Cut Composition to Overall Carcass for Cattle Exposed to Environmental Stress • Performance of Yearling Steers Fed Beet Pulp or Chicoty Pulp Rations • Crude Protein and Energy Combinations for Finishing Yearling Steers • Effects of Rumensin Level and Bunk Management Strategy on Finishing Steers • Dietaty Management for Starting Finishing Yearling Steers on Feed • Effects of Programmed Gain on Performance and Carcass Characteristics in Calves • Evaluation of Revalarm-G as an Initial Implant for Yearling Steers • Evaluation of Growth Promoting Systems for Heifer Calves Finished in the Feedlot • Implant Strategies on Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Finishing Steers • Feedlot MarketingISorting Systems to Reduce Carcass Discounts • Effects of Matching Protein to Requirements on Performance and Waste Management in the Feedlot

New Methods and Technology: N-alkane as an Internal Marker for Predicting Digestibility of Forages • Protein Evaluation of Treated Soybean Meal Products • Use of Neutral Detergent Insoluble Protein in Omasal Samples to Estimate Escape Protein •

Finishing Beef Products: Hormonal Influence on Fat Synthesis in Cattle • Glycolytic Inhibition in Pre-rigor Muscle: An Alternative Method to Improve Beef Tenderness • Fat Addition and Restricted Feeding of Corn Gluten Feed Diets Composition • Optimal Conditions of Cooler Aging for Beef