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January 1999


Published in 1999 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report. Published by Agricultural Research Division & University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension , Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Three hundred thirty-six English crossbred steers (715 lb) were used to compare effects of reimplanting with Revalor®-S (administered on day 66) after three different initial implants (administered on day zero), to single implantation with Revalor-S (administered on day zero or day 66). Over the entire study, implanted steers gained faster and more efficiently than non-implanted control steers. Steers implanted initially with Revalor-G or Synovex-S gained faster than steers implanted only once. Of the three reimplant treatments, only those initially implanted with Revalor-G had improved feed efficiency compared with single-implanted steers on a live basis. Compared to non-implanted controls, marbling score was reduced only when Synovex-S or Ralgro was used as initial implants.