Department of Animal Science



Date of this Version

January 1997


Published in 1996 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report; published by Agricultural Research Division, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.



Cow-Calf: Range or Meadow Regrowth Grazing and Weaning Effects on Two Year-Old Cows • Grazing: An Alternative to Haying Subirrigated Meadows in the Nebraska Sandhills • Multi-elemental Analysis of Sandhills Meadow Hay • Use of a Metabolizable Protein System to Predict Deficienciesin Diets of Cattle Grazing Sandhills Native Range and Subirrigated Meadow • Rumen Degradable Protein Requirements of Gestating Beef Cows Grazing Dormant Native Sandhills Range • Multi-elemental Analysis of Liver Biopsies and Serum to Determine Trace Element Status of Cows • Multi-elemental Analysis of Bovine Liver Biopsy and Whole Liver • The Incidence of Precocious Puberty in Developing Beef Heifers • Winter Temperatures May Affect Calf Birth Weights

Growing: Evaluation of Animal Byproducts for Escape Protein Supplementation • Treated Meat and Bone Meal and Rumen Protected Methionine and Tryptophan for Growing Calves • Dried Poultry Waste as a Nonprotein Nitrogen Source for Ruminants • Manipulation of Microbial Protein Degradation in the Rumen: Development of the “Smugglin Concept” to Control Protein Digestion • Characterization of Ammonia Utilization by Prevotella ruminicola B14 • Cellulose Adherence Factors in Ruminococcus albus • Effect of Sorghum and Cornstalk Grazing on Crop Production • Winter Calf Grazing and Field Windbreaks • Use of Cell Culture to Study Muscle Growth in Beef Cattle

Finishing: Grazing Systems Utilizing Forage Combinations • Beef Production Systems from Weaning to Slaughter in Western Nebraska • Feeding Value of Light-Test Weight Corn for Growing and Finishing Steers • Roughage Source and Particle Size in Finishing Diets • Effect of Energy Source and Escape Protein on Receiving and Finishing Performance and Health of Calves • Evaluation of Levels of Wet Corn Gluten Feed and Addition of Tallow • Evaluation of Wet Distillers Byproducts Composite for Finishing Ruminants • Digestibility of Wet and Dry Distillers Grains from the Fermentation of Corn or Sorghum • Use of Direct Fed Microbials to Alleviate Subacute Acidosis • An Enzyme-Microbial Feed Product for Finishing Steers • Effects of Bovatec, Rumensin or GrainPro Fed to Yearling Summer Grazing Steers • Growth Implants for Steers • Implant and Slaughter Time for Finishing Cattle • Evaluation of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Organic Matter Balance in the Feedlot as Affected by Nutrition • Compositing - A Feedlot Waste Management Alternative

Beef Products: Predicting Wholesale Value of Beef Carcasses • Connective Tissue/Acidic Phosphate Preblends in Low Fat, High Added-Water Frankfurters • Gelatinized High Added-Water Beef Connective Tissue Protein Gels as Potential Water Binders • Mechanically Recovered Neck Bone Lean Alters Textural and Sensory Properties of Ground Beef Patties