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Published in 2009 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report (Lincoln, NE: December, 2008). Copyright © 2008 The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska.


Tympanic temperature of 32 Angus steers (919 ± 7.5 lb) was measured with Micro-T ibuttons or the Stowaway data loggers. Environmental variables were collected using weather stations located in the pens to evaluate factors influencing body temperature. A multiple regression analysis was used to evaluate the effects of these factors on body temperature of feedlot cattle. Tympanic temperature tended to be higher for Stowaway compared to Micro-T data loggers (102.6 vs. 102.41°F ± 0.072, respectively; P = 0.053). Tympanic temperature was driven primarily by outgoing solar radiation and wind speed (R2=0.79).