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Published in 2009 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report (Lincoln, NE: December, 2008). Copyright © 2008 The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska.


Two hybrids of grain sorghum, the AWheatland x RTx430 hybrid (CON) and its near isogenic brown midrib counterpart (BMR), were used in a 65-day residue grazing experiment. Grain sorghum was planted in 4 replications for each treatment within the same field, and grazed with 6 steers/replication. Samples of the sorghum residue were collected on days 1, 31, and 60 for neutral detergent fiber (NDF) and in vitro NDF digestibility analysis. Steers grazing the BMR treatment gained 1.55 lb/day while the steers grazing the CON treatment gained 1.32 lb/day (P = 0.14). The BMR and CON were similar in NDF (73.5%), but in vitro NDF digestibility increased by 9.9 percentage units in the leaf portion.