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Published in 2011 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report. Published by the Agricultural Research Division, University of Nebraska Extension, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Copyright © 2011 The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska.


A finishing trial evaluated effects of feeding a direct-fed microbial product(Nova-Cell®) and a saponin feed additive (Ruma Just®) as a 2x2 factorial in steam-flaked corn-based diets containing 11% wet distillers grains (DM basis). No interaction was observed between Nova-Cell and Ruma Just (P > 0.13). Feeding either Ruma Just or Nova-Cell had no impact (P = 0.20) on final BW, DMI, ADG, or F:G. Neither Nova-Cell or Ruma Just affected (P = 0.10) HCW, 12th rib fat, or LM Area. Marbling appeared to be improved (P = 0.03) when Ruma Just was added to the finishing diet.