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Published in 2011 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report. Published by the Agricultural Research Division, University of Nebraska Extension, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Copyright © 2011 The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska.


Effect of dietary sulfur on beef cattle fed diets containing wet or dry distillers grains with solubles (DGS) was evaluated. Sulfur concentration in DGS was either 0.82 or 1.16%. Steers (n = 120; IBW = 761 ± 75 lb) were individually fed ad libitum. Intake decreased when wet and dry 1.16% S DGS were fed. Gain decreased as wet DGS that was 1.16% S increased in the diet to 40%. Feeding wet DGS improved F:G, regardless of sulfur content. Fat thickness and HCW decreased as wet and dry 1.16% S DGS increased in the diet. High sulfur DGS reduced DMI and ADG when fed at high levels to cattle, but it depended on whether fed as wet or dry DGS.