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Published in 2012 Beef Cattle Report (2012) p. 55-57. Copyright © 2012 The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska.


Two growing experiments compared effects of feeding a diet consisting of cornstalks or wheat straw and modified distillers grains when ensiled or mixed fresh daily. Wheat-straw based diets also were compared at different moisture levels (50% and 70%) when ensiled and mixed daily. In Experiment 1, steers fed ensiled diets had greater DMI compared to diets mixed daily. Moisture level and crop residue type had no effect on steer performance. In Experiment 2, steers were offered the supplements and a hay mix to determine palatability and forage replacement. Moisture level had no effect, cornstalks were consumed better than wheat straw, and steers fed freshly mixed diets gained more and were more efficient than those fed ensiled mixes.