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Published in 2013 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report.


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This study evaluated the effect of post-weaning development system on heifer ADG, reproductive performance, and subsequent feed efficiency as a pregnant heifer. Heifers were developed on dormant pasture and grazed corn residue or dormant pasture and placed in a drylot. The following winter, a subset of pregnant heifers were placed in a Calan Broadbent individual feeding system during late gestation. Drylot-developed heifers had greater BW from pre-breeding through pregnancy diagnosis and greater overall ADG during development. However, there was no difference in reproductive performance. Pre-calving BW, ADG, and G:F tended to be greater for drylot heifers. Heifers developed on corn residue had reduced BW through early pregnancy; however, reproductive performance was similar to drylot-developed heifers.