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Published in 2013 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report.


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Cattle were transitioned from RAMP to a finishing diet gradually over 28 days by decreasing RAMP (100 to 0%) and increasing finisher (0 to 100%) gradually over 4 steps, rapidly in 2 steps or abruptly without an adaptation step. Following adaptation, cattle were fed a common finishing diet for the remainder of the feeding period. Transitioning cattle from RAMP to a finishing diet in 2 steps or without an intermediate step did not affect performance or carcass characteristics compared to a more traditional 4-step program. Cattle transitioned directly from RAMP to a finishing ration had greater among day intake variation and lower DMI after the abrupt transition but had less DMI variation following a transition to final finishing diet. Cattle fed RAMP for 10 days can be transitioned to a finishing ration containing 47.5% Sweet Bran® abruptly without negatively affecting performance.