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Published in 2013 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report.


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A metabolism trial was conducted to evaluate transitioning cattle from RAMP® directly to a finishing diet without an adaptation period. Adaptation programs included either a 4-step system that decreased RAMP (100 to 0%) while increasing inclusion of the finishing ration (0 to 100%) gradually over 4 steps or a 1-step system where cattle were fed RAMP for 10 days and switched directly to a 47.5% Sweet Bran® finishing ration on day 11. Abruptly transitioning cattle in 1 step to a finishing ration containing 47.5% Sweet Bran decreased average pH while increasing time below pH 5.3 and pH variation compared to the 4-STEP system. Eating time increased as a result of 1-step when cattle were on the final finishing ration.