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Published in 2013 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report.


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Finishing cattle performance was evaluated using NEXT ENHANCE essential oils in finishing diets. Treatments consisted of 1) control (CON), 2) NEXT ENHANCE at 300 mg/day (NE), 3) Rumensin and Tylan at 360 and 90 mg/day, respectively (RT), or 4) NEXT ENHANCE plus Rumensin and Tylan (NERT). No NEXT ENHANCE by Rumensin/Tylan interaction was observed. Steers fed Rumensin/Tylan had decreased F:G and increased live final BW and marbling score. The prevalence of liver abscesses decreased 46% when steers were fed Rumensin/Tylan. Including NEXT ENHANCE in finishing diets did not impact performance or carcass characteristics.