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2014 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report, UNL Extension MP99, pp. 107-108.


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Ground beef links from cattle fed high or low levels of distillers grains during backgrounding and Sweet Bran® or modified wet distillers grains in finishing diets were compared to analyze oxidation over time. Ready-to-eat beef links from cattle fed 5 lb/head/day (DM basis) of wet distillers grains during backgrounding had greater oxidative rancidity with extended storage than those from cattle fed 2 lb/head/day (DM basis). Beef links from cattle finished with wet distillers grains oxidized more rapidly than those fed Sweet Bran. Therefore, cooked beef from cattle fed distillers grains during either phase of production (backgrounding or finishing) showed greater oxidative rancidity as well as an increase rate of oxidation.