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2015 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report, University of Nebraska—Lincoln Extension, MP101.


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Steer calves grazing irrigated corn residue were supplemented dried distillers grains plus solubles (DGS) or allowedcontinuous access to a commercial lick tub. Dried DGS was fed at 2.94 lb/steer/day and the lick tubs were consumed at 2.04 lb/steer/day (DM basis). Gain was greater for cattle supplemented with dried DGS (1.36 lb/day) compared to those with access to lick tubs (0.83 lb/day). Supplement efficiency varied between calves receiving dried DGS (46%) and those with continuous access to the lick tub (43%) when expressed on a DM basis. Values for dried DGS supplementation (48%) were not different for supplement efficiencyon an OM basis when compared to cattle on the lick tub treatment (50%). Economic analysis shows that as the price of DGS increases, the difference in profit between supplementation strategiesis reduced.