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2015 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report, University of Nebraska—Lincoln Extension, MP101.


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Ground beef patties from cattle fed corn-based diets with no wet distillers grains (control), wet distillers grains (WDGS), WDGS + 1000 IU/head/day vitamin E, WDGS + 150 ppm/head/day, Ethoxyquin/TBHQ (Agrado Plus, Novus International, St. Louis, Mo.), or WDGS + 500 IU/head/day vitamin E + 150 ppm/head/day Ethoxyquin/TBHQ during the finishing phase were compared to analyze color stability during retail display. As display time increased, patties from all dietary treatments had greater discoloration and became darker, less red, and more yellow. Therefore, beef patties discolored during retail display, but the rate and degree of discoloration were unaffected by diet or antioxidant supplementation.