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2016 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report. University of Nebraska Extension MP103. Lincoln, NE.


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Produced by the Animal Science Department, Agricultural Research Division, and University of Nebraska Extension, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.



Cow/Calf: Effects of Wintering System on Cow and Calf Performance in a Summer-Calving Intensive Production System ● How Many Clean-up Bulls Are Needed after Estrus Synchronization and Artificial Insemination? ● Economics of Rebreeding Non-pregnant Females ● Effect of MGA vs CIDR Estrus Synchronization on Estrus Response and Pregnancy Rates in 311 d Old Beef Heifers ● Comparison of TAI at GnRH Injection and Delayed Insemination of Non-estrus Beef Heifers ● Effect of Dam Age on Offspring Productivity ● Cows with Excess Androgen are Anovulatory and Have Differing Patterns of Progesterone Secretion ● Granulosa Cell Exposure to Excess Androgens Inhibits Their Ability to Proliferate in the Cow Which May Cause or ● Perpetuate Androgen Excess

Growing: Evaluation of Different Byproduct Combinations along with Treated Corn Stover on Growing Steer Performance ● Effects of Feeding Isolated Nutrient Components in MDGS on Growing Cattle Performance ● Effects of Supplemental Energy and Protein Source on Performance of Steers Grazing Irrigated Corn Residue ● Effects of Replacing a Traditional Growing Diet with a Complete Pelleted Feed on Total Tract Digestibility of Growing Diets ● Effect of Pelleted Byproducts on Performance When Fed to Growing Cattle 36 ● Effect of Pelleted Feed Products and Bambermycins on Performance When Fed to Cattle Grazing Residue 38 ● Effect of Crude Glycerin Concentration on Forage Digestion Parameters in Beef Calves 40 ● Impact of Crude Glycerin Supplementation on Rumen and Duodenal Microbial Populations in Forage Diets 44 ● Methane Production, Diet Digestibility, and VFA Profile of Growing Steers Fed High or Low Quality Forage 46 ● Effects of Protein Supplementation in Corn Silage Growing Diets Harvested at 37 or 43% DM on Cattle Growth 49 ● Effect of Winter Distillers Grains Supplementation Level on Spayed Heifer Performance 52 ● Utilizing Corn Residue or Fall Double Cropped Forages for Winter Backgrounding of Calves 55 ● Finishing Yearling Heifers Using Self-Fed Dried Distillers Grains on Pasture 58 ● Performance and Economics of Supplementing Yearlings on Smooth Bromegrass Pastures 61

Forage and Residue Resource Management: Observations of Forage Quality and Calf Gain When Grazing Double Cropped Forage following Wheat Harvest 65 ● Annual Forages following Irrigated Winter Wheat 68 ● Accurate Amounts and Nutritive Values of Corn Residues 71 ● Effect of Corn Residue Composition on Digestibility by Lambs 74 ● Effect of Corn Residue Harvest Method on In Vivo and In Vitro Digestibility 76 ● Effect of Corn Plant Maturity on Yield and Nutrient Quality of Corn Plants, 2-Year Summary 79 ● Effect of Harvest Method on Residue Quality 81 ● Effects of Different Inoculum Used for In Vitro and In Situ Digestion Procedures Performed on Corn Residue Samples 84

Finishing: Effect of SafeguardR on Fecal Egg Count and Steer Performance in Newly Received Calves 87 ● Evaluation of Varying Corn Grain (and Byproduct) Inclusion in Beef Cattle Finishing Diets 89 ● Carcass Gain, Efficiency, and Profitability of Steers at Extended Days on Feed 91 ● Effects of Feeding OmniGen-AFR on Immune Function, Performance, and Carcass Characteristics during the Feeding Period 96 ● Yeast Supplementation Alters the Immune Response in Feedlot Steers 99 ● Effects of Supplementing OmniGen-AFR with or without Ractopamine Hydrochloride on Performance and ● Carcass Characteristics of Feedlot Steers 102 ● Effects of Shade and Feeding Zilpaterol Hydrochloride to Finishing Steers on Performance, Carcass Quality, Heat Stress, ● Mobility, and Body Temperature 105 ● Impact of a Newly Developed Direct-Fed Microbial on Performance in Finishing Beef Steers 108 ● Effects of Direct-Fed Microbial Supplementation in Different Diets on Performance and Carcass Characteristics of ● Beef Feedlot Heifers 110 ● Impact of Inoculating Corn Silage with Buchnerii 500 on Feedlot Cattle Performance with or without ● Added Yeast Product at Time of Feeding 112 ● Rumen Protected Amino Acids in Finishing Cattle Diets 115 ● Metabolic and Body Temperature Responses to Environmental Conditions across Seasons in Finishing Steers 117 ● Impact of Feeding Distillers Grains or Isolated Components in Distillers Grains on Feedlot Performance and Carcass Traits 122 ● Evaluation of Distillers Grains Components Singly or in Combination in a Calf Fed Feedlot Study 124 ● Modifying Different Components of Distillers Grains and the Impact on Feedlot Performance 128 ● Evaluation of the Relative Contribution of Protein in Distillers Grains in Finishing Diets on Animal Performance 132 ● Evaluating Syngenta Enhanced Feed Corn on Finishing Cattle Performance and Carcass Characteristics 135 ● Site and Extent of Digestion of Finishing Diets Containing Syngenta Enhanced Feed Corn 139 ● Evaluating Syngenta Enhanced Feed Corn Processed as Dry-Rolled or High-Moisture Corn on Cattle Performance and ● Carcass Characteristics 143 ● The Effects of Delayed Corn Silage Harvest on Corn Silage Yield and Finishing Performance in Yearling Steers 146 ● Use of Dietary Nitrate or Sulfate for Mitigation of Methane Production by Finishing Steers 149 ● Effect of Diet on the Rumen Microbial Community Composition of Finishing Cattle and the Role it ● Plays in Methane Emissions 151

Beef Products: Effect of Feeding De-oiled Dry Distillers Grains Plus Solubles on Beef Oxidation, Color and Tenderness 153 ● Beef Fatty Acid Profiles from Steers Finished with De-oiled Dry Distillers Grains Plus Solubles vs a Corn-Based Diet 156 ● Effect of Feeding Dried De-oiled Distillers Grains and Addition of Postmortem Antioxidants on Ground Beef Shelf Life 158 ● Impact of Supplementing Cattle with OmniGen-AF at the Receiving or Finishing Phase on Beef Shelf-Life 161 ● Effect of Feeding Distillers Grains and Supplementing with Dietary Antioxidants on Ground Beef Shelf Life and ● Fatty Acid Profile 164 ● Effects of Dietary Antioxidant Supplementation on Cattle Finished with 30% Wet Distillers Grains Plus Solubles on ● Fatty Acid Profiles and Display Life 167 ● Feeding Vitamin E May Reverse Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Membrane Instability Caused by Feeding Wet Distillers Grains Plus ● Solubles to Cattle 170

Industry Perceptions: Student Perceptions and Knowledge of the Feedlot Industry and the Feedyard Management Specialization Internship 173 ● Producer Concerns and Perceptions Regarding the Effect of Methane on Cattle Production and the Environment 177

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