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2016 Nebraska Beef Cattle Reports


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A total of 128 steers were fed one of two finishing diets: 50% de-oiled dry distillers grains plus solubles (DDGS) or a corn- based control diet. Carcasses (n = 48) were selected to evaluate the effect of diet on the fatty acid profile of strip loin steaks. Th e C15:0, C16:1, C17:0, and C17:1 were greater for beef from steers finished on the corn- based control diet while the C18:1T, C18:2, C20:3ω6, total trans, ω6 and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) were greater in beef from cattle finished on 50% de-oiled DDGS. These findings confirm that feeding distillers grains plus solubles (be it wet or dry) increases the amount of PUFA’s in meat.

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