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2016 Nebraska Beef Cattle Reports


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Two experiments were conducted to compare Syngenta Enhanced Feed Corn™ containing an alpha amylase enzyme trait (SYT- EFC) with commercially available corn grain without the alpha amylase enzyme trait (Conventional) for cattle performance and carcass characteristics at 2 locations. In Exp. 1, steers were fed SYT- EFC or Conventional corn with or without the addition of 25% Sweet Bran, or a BLEND (Conventional and SYT- EFC) without Sweet Bran. In Exp. 2, steers were fed SYT- EFC, Conventional, BLEND, or Conventional with an alpha amylase enzyme supplement (NZ). In Exp. 1, feed conversion improved 8.5% for SYT- EFC compared with Conventional when Sweet Bran was included in the diet. In Exp. 2, feed conversion improved 5.4% for cattle fed SYT- EFC, BLEND, and NZ compared with the Conventional corn. Feeding SYT- EFC corn containing the alpha amylase enzyme trait improves feed conversion of feedlot cattle.

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