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2016 Nebraska Beef Cattle Reports


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Ground beef patties from cattle fed either corn based diets with no distillers grains (control) or dried, de-oiled distillers grains (DDDG) during the finishing phase were compared to analyze color stability during retail display. As display time increased, patties with added antioxidant had less discoloration than those without antioxidant. Patties from cattle fed DDDG had the greatest discoloration when no antioxidant was included. Both raw and cooked ground beef from cattle fed DDDG had increased lipid oxidation towards the end of display than beef from corn- finished cattle. Furthermore, corn-finished cattle had lower concentrations of C18:2 in both composite and subcutaneous fat samples. Finishing cattle on DDDG resulted in reduced shelf life in raw and cooked ground beef. Th e addition of antioxidants to raw ground beef improved color stability regardless of diet.

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