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2016 Nebraska Beef Cattle Reports


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The effects of Safeguard® on fecal egg count (FEC) and performance of newly received calves in the feedlot were evaluated. Treatments were Safeguard® and Dectomax® injectable or only Dectomax® injectable. Th e basal diet consisted of 30% dry- rolled corn, 36% Sweet Bran® Cargill, 30% alfalfa hay, and 4% supplement. Th ere were no diff erences in DMI, ADG, F:G, and initial FEC between treatments. However, FEC on d 19 was lower for animals receiving Safeguard® and Dectomax® compared to Dectomax®. Th e combination of Safeguard® and Dectomax ® reduced FEC to very low amounts of newly received calves in the feedlot.

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