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2017 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report. University of Nebraska Extension MP104. Lincoln, NE.


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Produced by the Animal Science Department, Agricultural Research Division, and University of Nebraska Extension, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.



Cow/Calf: Effect of Heifer Development System on Reproduction and Subsequent Gain as a Pregnant Heifer • Impact of Heifer Development System in Two Breeding Seasons • Timed Insemination vs. Modifi ed Estrus Detection in Beef Heifers • Growth and Reproductive Performance of Yearling Beef Heifers Implanted with Revalor G in the Nebraska Sandhills • Development of Terminal and Maternal Economic Selection Indices in Beefmaster Cattle • Effects of Wintering System on Cow and Calf Performance in a Summer- Calving Intensive Production System • Methods to Increase Productivity of Spring Calving Production Systems in the Nebraska Sandhills

Growing: Effect of Crude Glycerin Concentration on Growing Steer Performance in Forage Diets • Effect of Increasing Supplemental Undegradable Protein (RUP) on Performance of Calves Fed a Silage Growing Diet • Effects of Modifi ed Distillers Grains and Corn Ratios as Supplements in Diets Varying in Forage Quality on Performance of Growing Beef Steers • Rumen Undegradable Protein and Bambermycins Supplementation of Calves Grazing Corn Residue • Pooled Gain Analysis of Steers Grazing Corn Residue and Supplemented with Distillers Grains • Evaluating the Impacts of Field Peas in Growing and Finishing Diets on Performance and Carcass Characteristics • Effects of Field Pea Supplementation on Digestibility and Rumen Volatile Fatty Acid Concentration of Diets Containing High and Low Quality Forages • Effect of Backgrounding System on Steer Performance and Carcass Characteristics

Forage and Residue Resource Management: Nutrient Content of Summer-Planted Oats after Corn Harvest and Grazing Performance • Effect of Corn Residue Grazing or Baling on Subsequent Crop Yield and Nutrient Removal • Effect of Long- Term Corn Residue Grazing on Soil Properties • Effect of Harvest Method on Digestibility of Corn Residue • Summer Cocktail Forage Research in the Panhandle of Nebraska • In Situ Digestibility of Residue Parts of Corn Planted in Different Populations and Row Widths • Corn Residue Quality throughout the Grazing Season • Effect of Harvest Method and Ammoniation of Digestibility and Intake of Corn Residue

Evaluation of Techniques and Procedures Used in Grazing Cattle Research: Comparison of Diets Collected from Esophageally Fistulated Cows to Forage Quality Estimated from Fecal Analysis • Impact of Inoculum Source for in vitro and in situ Digestion Procedures Performed on Corn Residue and Grass Samples • Evaluation of Plant- waxes to Estimate Forage Intake in Grazing Cattle • Delineating Complex Forage Mixtures using Plant-wax Markers

Finishing: Relationship between Dietary Total Digestible Nutrients and Digestible Organic Matter in Beef Cattle Finishing and Growing Diets With or Without Distillers Grains • Comparison of Titanium® 5 PH- M verses Titanium® 5 + NUPLURA® PH with the Presence or Absence of Monensin on Health and Performance of Newly Received Feedlot Calves Fed RAMP® • Effect of Three Initial Implant Programs with a Common Terminal Revalor®- 200 on Feedlot Performance and Carcass Traits of Weaned Steers • Evaluation of 0 or 300 mg of Optaflexx® on Growth Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Steers Fed to Different Degrees of Finish • Predicting Feedlot Growth Performance over the Feeding Period Utilizing Steer Age and Body Weight • Evaluation of the Value of Fiber in Distillers Grains Plus Solubles on Performance of Finishing Cattle • The Effect of Supplementing Mannan Oligosaccharide or Finely Ground Fiber during the Summer on Body Temperature, Performance, and Blood Metabolites of Finishing Steers • Effects of Distillers Grains or Fiber on Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli in Steers

Beef Products: The Influence of Diet and Oxidation on Calcium Retention of the Mitochondria in Fresh Beef • Effect of Feeding Field Peas on Fresh Beef Quality • Fatty Acid Stability of Beef Fed OmniGen- AF at Receiving or Finishing • Organic Acids and Applications used for Reduction of E. coli on Beef Shoulder • Clods used for Ground Beef • Effect of Salt Reduction on the Quality and Shelf Life Characteristics of Deli-Style Roast Beef

Industry Perceptions: Perceptions of Crop Consultants and Producers on Grazing Corn Residue in Nebraska

Explanation of Statistics: Statistics Used in the Nebraska Beef Report and Their Purpose