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2017 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report. University of Nebraska Extension MP104. Lincoln, NE.


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A study was conducted to assess the effects of inoculum source at time of incubation on neutral detergent fiber digestibility, dry matter digestibility, and organic matter digestibility of corn residue samples. Digestibility of neutral detergent fiber was greater for both grass and corn residue when inoculum source came from steers consuming a high corn residue diet. Digestibility of dry matter and organic matter were not different between grass and corn residue. It is not necessary to maintain two sets of donors for in vitro or in situ procedures involving corn residue. However, donor diet affects neutral detergent fiber digestibility estimates of residue samples. Therefore, when trying to assess energy values using in situ or in vitro techniques, a set of standards with established in vivo digestibility values should be used for adjustment when steers are maintained on a mixed diet.