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2017 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report. University of Nebraska Extension MP104. Lincoln, NE.


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Five ruminally cannulated steers were used to evaluate the effects of supplementation (no supplement, field peas, or dry rolled corn; 0.43% BW) with high and low quality forages on diet digestibility and rumen volatile fatty acid concentrations. Th e inclusion of field peas increased dry matter intake and organic matter digestibility over dry rolled corn and unsupplemented steers. Propionate proportions were less for field peas and control treatments than dry rolled corn, while acetate proportions increased in field peas, and control treatments as compared to dry rolled corn. As a result, acetate to propionate ratio was reduced when dry rolled corn was supplemented. Inclusion of field peas alters the volatile fatty acid concentrations, increases dry matter intake, and improves organic matter digestibility when supplemented to forage fed steers.