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2018 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report. University of Nebraska Extension MP105. Lincoln, NE.


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Producing cured meats manufactured with natural ingredients could impact cured meat characteristics, including color. The objective of this study was to determine the effects of nitrite source (sodium nitrite or cultured celery juice powder), reducing agents (no reducing compound or sodium erythorbate/ ascorbic acid), and holding times prior to cooking on cured color development in a meat model system. The addition of reducing compounds had the largest impact on cured color development and reduced residual nitrite in a cured meat model system. Treatments cured with sodium nitrite had slightly greater cured color development than treatments cured with celery juice powder. Holding times prior to cooking had limited impact on cured color development. These findings indicate that processors can produce cured meats with adequate cured meat color using celery juice powder and ascorbic acid from cherry powder without needing to extend holding time prior to cooking.