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Published by Department of Animal Science, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Copyright 1998. Used by permission.


This year marks the 1O0-year anniversary of the Department of Animal Science at the University of Nebraska. Our history is a rich one, with many achievements of our students, our research programs, and our service and outreach to the animal industries of Nebraska, the nation, and the world. With over three thousand alumni, we have an outstanding legacy in the development of animal industry leaders.

On Saturday, October 10, we will celebrate these one hundred years of achievement with several activities in Lincoln. Enclosed you will find descriptions of the program during the middle of the day, held "at home" on campus in the Animal Science Building. In the evening, we have a dinner at the Cornhusker Hotel in downtown Lincoln. After the dinner, we will hear from Chuck Schroeder, commenting on our past and our challenges for the future.

The Faculty of Animal Science invites you to take part in our Centennial Celebration. A registration form is enclosed, and we hope that you can be our guest for this celebration of our collective past. Because you have made contributions to our history and are special to us, our celebration event will be meaningful only if those like yourself can come and celebrate with us.

We are also compiling a book of commemorative letters, where you can share with others what the Department of Animal Science has meant to you. Even if you can not be in Lincoln for the events on October 10, we invite you to send a commemorative letter.

With expectations for a festive and meaningful Centennial Celebration, we look forward to hosting you in Lincoln and continuing to have you as part of the role and mission of Animal Science in Nebraska.