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Thesis (M.S.)--University of Nebraska--Lincoln, 1965. Department of Agronomy.


Copyright 1965, the author. Used by permission.


One of the most significant advances in the agriculture of the United States during the past half-century has been the development of double-cross maize hybrid.

The primary objective of this investigation was to determine the possibilities of utilizing exotic germ plasms for the improvement of corn-belt maize.

Three sets of full-sib families were obtained and tested in separate yield trials in 1964. The incorporation of exotic germ plasm resulted in increased plant height in all three series of full-sub families. Wide ranges in yield varied from each hybrid family. Substantial gain in productivity over the hybrid checks appears possible from selection among the crosses tested. The possibility exists of further increasing the yield of the better genotypes through use of their progenies for future improvement.

Advisor: John H. Lonnquist.