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Thesis (M.A.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1949. Department Rural Economics.


Copyright 1949, the author. Used by permission.


Within any agricultural area where there exists great variance in climatic conditions, soil and topography, shifts in the production of the various crops in the area are likely to be noted.This condition exists in the state of Nebraska. The purpose of this study is to determine not only what these changes have been throughout the state as a whole, but also what they have been in the various districts of the state. An effort has been made, in so far as possible, to determine which factor or factors have tended to influence the acreage shifts of crops, not only over a period of years, but from year to year as well.

For purposes of this study, it was found necessary to use, as a basis for consideration, the number of acres of the various crops harvested, whereas the acres planted would give the better picture of the producer’s intention.Statistics as to acres planted have, in most instances, been entirely lacking over a period of years, and where given, are incomplete for any extended length of time.However, except in years of extreme drouth or other abnormal condition, the harvested acreage does not deviate greatly from that planted.

In order to avoid inconsistencies in methods of procuring and assembling information, chief reliance has been placed on Nebraska Agricultural Statistics, an annual report issued by the State-Federal Division of Agricultural Statistics.

Advisor: H.C. Filley