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Thesis Masters of Education—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1957. Department of Elementary Education.


Copyright 1957, the author. Used by permission.


It was the purpose of this study to investigate the types of questions children in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades ask about the science area. It was hoped by the investigator of this study that it would prove useful in planning the elementary science curriculum of the Lincoln, Nebraska schools.

The data collected from the study were compared with the data accumulated in a similar study from 1927. In the 1927 study, the researcher tabulated questions listed by children in grades four, five, and six.These questions were listed by children as topics they would like to study.This comparison was made in order to determine whether children in 1957 were interested in the same types of questions and information they listed in 1927.

The schools selected for this study were chosen with the help of the Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Instruction in the Lincoln, Nebraska school system.The final selection of schools was accomplished by selecting schools at random. Data for the study were obtained by personal visits to each of the classrooms. This method was used because it was felt by the investigator that it would help insure a uniform procedure in collecting the data. No preparation was made by the teacher previous to the visits to the classroom by the investigator.The children were informed by the investigator as to the purpose of the visit.

The investigator of this study makes several conclusions. Among the conclusions is the idea that children’s interests in the science area are changing as the environment changes and as new scientific developments are implemented in the culture in which the children live.

Advisor: Madison Brewer