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Thesis (M.A.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1917. Department of Education.


Copyright 1917, the author. Used by permission.


Recreation is desirable in high school because of its benefit to the individual; therefore, every student should be provided with opportunities for recreation. The need of the individual is often overlooked, largely due to the focus on competitive games in schools. Athletics in particular often supplant other suitable forms of activity, and even become excessive in their own use as is seen in interscholastic contests. To secure opportunities for all, it is believed that two things are necessary:

1. More attention must be given to intra-school games and less to interscholastic contests.

2. Provision must be made for just as many different kinds of recreation as facilities will permit in order that each person may gain a more rounded development.

The various kinds of recreation include elements of physical, mental, and social activity. Most recreation favors the element of a more physical nature. These include the various athletic, track and gymnastic events, skating, walking, dancing, and others. Organization and supervision of recreation is only successful under competent direction. Those who organize and supervise recreation should encourage individuality and growth.