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Thesis (M.S.)—University of Nebraska—Lincoln, 1959. Department of Vocational Education.


Copyright 1959, the author. Used by permission.


The basic purpose of this study was to contribute to a greater understanding of the attitudes mothers of homemaking students have about the homemaking program.Accomplishment of this purpose necessitated that the investigation be designed to determine the degree of mothers’ acceptance of the homemaking program and the factors which influence their acceptance of the program. More specifically, the study was concerned with discovering what relationship might exist between the following factors and the mothers’ acceptance of the homemaking program:

  1. Willingness of mothers to cooperate with the homemaking teacher and an indication of ways in which they would like to participate in the program.

  2. Areas of homemaking which mothers felt were most important to the future welfare of their daughters.

  3. Mothers’ concepts of how their daughters responded to the homemaking program.

  4. Frequency of mothers’ contacts with the homemaking teacher.

  5. Mothers’ perceptions of their relationship with the homemaking teacher.

Data for this study, collected in April and May of 1958, were gathered by personal interview in the homes of forty-three mothers who had freshmen or sophomore daughters attending the David City, Nebraska High School.

Advisors: Rhea Keeler and J. Joel Moss