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Soils Research Erosion Control and Moisture Conservation, Soil Microbiology and Crop Residue Management, Mineralogical Studies, Classification and Correlation of Soils in Soil Conservation Districts, Influence of Perennial Grasses on Soil Structure, Phosphorus Status of Nebraska Soils, Fertilizers for Corn on Nonirrigated Soils, Nitrogen Fertilizers for Bromegrass, Properties of Sandy Soils in Northeastern Nebraska, Fertilizers for Winter Wheat, Lime and Commercial Fertilizers for Sweetclover, Nitrogen Maintenance in Sharpsburg Silty Clay Loam Soil, Influence of Irrigation Practice, Seeding Rate and Fertilizer Application on the Production of Safflower, Cultural Experiments with Sugar Beets, Fertilizers for Potatoes Following Bromegrass Pasture, Influence of Irrigation Practice, Plant Population and Fertilizer Application on the Yield of Corn, Commercial Fertilizers for Native Meadows, Reclamation of Seeped and Alkaline Soils.

Field Crons Research A Half Century of Crops Research, Improvement of Small Grains, Small Grain Varietal Tests at North Platte, Time and Rate of Planting Oats, Dry-Land Crop Rotations at North Platte, Crop Rotations Under -Irrigation at Scottsbluff, Corn Improvement, Hybrid Corn Tests at North Platte, Corn Genetics, The Growth and Reproduction of Corn, Sorghum Improvement, Varietal Tests of Grain and Forage Sorghum at North Platte, Adaptation and Improvement of Grasses, Alfalfa Improvement, Sweetclover Improvement, Soybean Improvement and Production Practices, Weed Control Research, Outstate Testing Project.

Horticultural Crops Food Value of Nebraska-Grown Vegetables, Vegetable Variety Tests, Vegetable Breeding Experiments, Cultural Experiments with Potatoes, Absorption of Carbon Dioxide by Potato Leaves, Potato Storage, Quality- Price Relationship of Retail Potatoes, Fruit Breeding, Fruit-Stocks Investigations, Orchard Spraying, Orchard Culture, Supplemental Water for Eastern Nebraska Orchards, Horticultural Studies at North Platte.

Plant Diseases Bean Diseases, Sugar Beet Diseases, Cereal Diseases, Diseases of Special Crops, Virus Diseases, Plant Disease Survey, Seed Treatment Tests, Field Bean Date-of-Planting Tests, Adaptability of the Hybrid Wax Bean, 4023, in Nebraska, Susceptibility of Crop Varieties to Disease in Outstate Plots.

Investigations in Agricultural Chemistry Nutritive Value of Rations for Chicks, Nutritive Value of Legume Seeds, Studies on Alfalfa in Chick Rations, Animal Protein Factors, Proteolysis in Wheat Flour Doughs, Relation of Starch to Bread Baking.

Insect Control Experiments Insect Surveys and Outlook for 1950, Livestock Parasite Experiments, Field Crop Insects, Potato Insects, Horticultural Insects.

Chemurgic Research and Development. Industrial Surveys, Improvement and Testing of Special Cherriurgic Crops, Oilseed Processing, Utilization of Vegetable Oils and By-products, Utilization of Wheat Starch, Carotene Retention in Alfalfa.

Cattle, Hogs and Sheep Beef Cattle Feeding, Grazing and Management Investigations, Beef and Dual-Purpose Cattle Breeding Investigations, Systems of Breeding for Swine Improvement, Swine Feeding Investigations, Rendering Lard in the Home Pressure Cooker, Sheep Breeding Investigations, Lamb Feeding Experiments.

Dairy Cattle Investigations. Reproduction and Breeding, Feeding and Management.

Dairy Products Investigations Ice Cream Studies, Experiments with Cheese, Sanitation.

Poultry Nutrition and Breeding Rations for Poultry, Poultry Breeding.

Poultry Products Investigations Rancidity in Chicken Fat, Yield of White Leghorn Cockerels, Egg Washing Studies.

Animal Diseases Death Losses in Young Pigs, Pathogenesis of Listeriosis, A Study of Bovine Hyperkeratosis (X Disease in Cattle), Neoplastic and Neoplasticlike Diseases of the Chicken, Diagnostic Laboratory.

Agricultural Engineering Irrigation and Drainage, Farmstead Equipment, Farm Machinery and Power.

Studies in Agricultural Economics Cost of Producing Farm Crops, Marketing, Farm Organization and Farm Costs, Land Use Adjustment, Agricultural Credit, Adjustments in Farm Organization, Trends and Changes Affecting Rural Schools and Problems of Their Reorganization, Classification of Land to Determine Value for Tax Purposes.

Home Economics Nutrition Research, Household Equipment Research, Housing Research, Family Life Research.

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