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University of Nebraska News (May 1968) 47(26): 6 pages.


Nebraska's Estimated Retail Sales, 1967 (E. L. Hauswald)

Retail sales of commodities in Nebraska are estimated to have reached a dollar volume 4.0 percent greater in 1967 than in 1966 -- up from $2,331 million to $2,424 million. This increase was notably less than the previous 1965-to-1966 increase of 7.0 percent. The table below presents a comparison of 1967 with 1966. Previous estimates have been published annually in the March or April issue of Business in Nebraska.

Business Summary (E. L. Burgess)

In February Nebraska's physical volume was 214.5% of the 1948 average which is an all-time high on the physical volume chart. Compared to February, 1967, Nebraska's dollar volume rose 6.0% and the physical volume rose 3.8%. The U.S. dollar volume rose 10.5% and the physical volume rose 6.5%. Of the Nebraska business indicators, three show percentage increases over a year ago in excess of 10%: construction activity (+11.8%), life insurance sales (+10.9%), and electricity produced (+13.2%). January, 1968, to February, 1968, changes indicate significant increases in both the dollar volume (+7.2%) and the physical volume (+7.0%).

Three Promoted to Rank of Professor

A Portrait of the Nation (Dorothy Switzer)

When a statistical report is as spellbinding as a mystery novel it becomes more newsworthy than the oft-cited example of "man bites dog." Such is the paperbound book entitled 200 Million Americans which has just been published by the Bureau of the Census of the U. S. Department of Commerce. This is a book for every reader because it is about you, and everyone is supposed to enjoy reading about himself. Perceptively chosen pictures of unusual photographic excellence and color graphics, which vividly portray statistical data, enhance the book.