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University of Nebraska News (August 1968) 48(2): 6 pages.


Inflation: Its Measurement and Some Developments (E. L. Hauswald)

"Inflation is a term which has been, and continues to be, subject to a variety of interpretations" Regardless of the interpretation and despite the likelihood of being lulled into apathy by constant references to it, mere mention of inflation still evokes marked reactions. Given, for example, a rise in the level of prices and a reluctance to alter consumption patterns, individual and group activities occur at the private and public levels, reflecting attempts to increase the real income and hence restore real consumption patterns.

Business Summary (E. L. Burgess)

The Nebraska May, 1968, dollar volume of business was 6.3% above May, 1967. For the same period Nebraska's physical volume increased 4.2%. Comparable changes for the U.S. were 10.3% and 5.2%. The May dollar volume and physical volume for both the U.S. and Nebraska were above April, 1968 levels. In Nebraska, retail sales was the only business indicator declining from yearago levels, which was due to the unusually high level of retail sales in May, 1967. In the U.S., construction activity was the only indicator declining from May, 1967.