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The Journal of Biological Chemistry, Vol. 247, No. 1 Issue of January 10, pp. 170-178, 1972


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The structure of an ornithine-containing lipid from Thio-bacillus thiooxidans

has been elucidated. Methanolysis of

the lipid released methyl cis-ll,lZ-methylene-Z-hydroxyoctadecanoate.

Acid hydrolysis of the residue yielded ornithine

and a mixture of fatty acids, the major components of

which were 3-hydroxyhexadecanoic and 2-hexadecenoic

acids. Identification of the 3-hydroxy fatty acid was based

on the thin layer chromatographic mobilities of the acid, its

methyl ester, the methyl ether, and acetate derivatives of its

methyl ester, on the equivalent chain lengths of the derivatives

of the acid and the acid obtained by oxidation of the

natural acid with permanganate, and on mass spectral studies.

Similar techniques were used for the identification of 2-hexadecenoic

acid. The minor fatty acids and the 2-hexadecenoic

acid were found to be degradation products of the 3-hydroxy