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Cell Reports 39, 110598, April 5, 2022



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Understandingthepathogenicmechanismsof diseasemutations is critical toadvancingtreatments.ALS-associated mutations in the gene encoding the microtubulemotor KIF5A result in skipping of exon 27 (KIF5ADExon27) and the encoding of a protein with a novel 39 amino acid residue C-terminal sequence. Here, we report that expression of ALS-linked mutant KIF5A results in dysregulated motor activity, cellular mislocalization, altered axonal transport, and decreased neuronal survival. Single-molecule analysis revealed that the altered C terminus of mutant KIF5A results in a constitutively active state. Furthermore,mutant KIF5A possesses altered protein and RNA interactions and its expression results in altered gene expression/splicing. Taken together, our data support the hypothesis that causative ALS mutations result in a toxic gain of function in the intracellular motor KIF5A that disrupts intracellular trafficking and neuronal homeostasis.