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Somma, L. A. 1989. The water vapor conductance of squamate reptilian eggs: The influence of scaling on nesting ecology. First World Congress of Herpetology Abstracts (Canterbury, United Kingdom) 1:[278].


First World Congress of Herpetology, Canterbury, United Kingdom, Abstract


Flexible-shelled eggs of squamate reptiles are strongly influenced by their surrounding microclimate, particularly the hydric conditions of the nest. The eggshell water vapor conductance of an egg can be an indication of its requirement for water from the nest. Ackerman et al. (1985. Physiol. Zool. 58:129-137) have described the scaling relationship for eggshell water vapor conductance (GH2O) of flexible-shelled reptilian eggs (GH2O = 981.8M0.52). This scaling relationship was investigated with water vapor conductance data obtained from 8 species of lizards representing the families Iguanidae (Anolis carolinensis, A. sagrai, Sceloporus woodi, S. virgatus) and Scincidae (Eumeces laticeps, E. obsoletus, E. septentrionalis, Scincella laterale). Data from these species, along with published data, was compared with respect to the nesting ecology of each species.