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Somma, L. A., K. L. Krysko, & L. L. Connor. 2017. Geographic distribution: Acrantophis dumerili (Duméril’s Madagascan Ground Boa). USA. Florida. Herpetological Review 48(1):127.


The geographic distribution of Acrantophis dumerili, a nonindigenous introduced species in Florida, with new records, is presented.

Acrantophis dumerili is indigenous to southern and southwestern Madagascar. We provide the first vouchers for Miami-Dade and Bay counties, which were likely escaped or released pets. Florida already has three established species of booid snakes (one boa, two pythons), all introduced through the pet trade pathway. Although there is no clear evidence for an established population of A. dumerili in Florida at this time, the Bay County individuals in a rural area in the Florida panhandle are a particular concern given that two propagules were found at the same general site less than one month apart, and Florida has the largest number of introduced herpetofauna in the world with nonindigenous species having a one out of three chance of becoming established (Krysko et al. 2016, op. cit.).