Papers in the Biological Sciences


Date of this Version

October 1891


Published in Annual Report. Nebraska State Board of Agriculture for the Year 1891. Prepared by Robert W. Furnas. Lincoln, NE, 1892.


The notes and descriptions given in this catalogue are confined to the Ophidia, or serpents, of Nebraska. The range of the collections made included representative localities in different parts of the state, and only specimens actually examined by the author are included in the catalogue. The localities by counties are represented on the accompanying map.

Localities represented by the specimens examined by the author at the time of making out this catalogue are indicated by the solid circular blotches. The rings indicate the localities represented in the collections of the National Museum as published in Yarrow's Check List. In addition, many specimens, in the check list and elsewhere, are reported as from "Nebraska," and, of course, cannot be located.