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Published in Multicultural Assessment in Counseling and Clinical Psychology, edited by Gargi Roysircar Sadowsky and James C. Impara (Lincoln, NE: Buros Institute of Mental Measurements, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 1996).


Copyright © 1996 by Buros Institute of Mental Measurements. Digital edition copyright © 2012 Buros Center for Testing.


Multicultural Assessment In Counseling And Clinical Psychology



SECTION ONE: Test Bias, Multicultural Assessment Theory, and Multicultural Instrumentation

1. Measurement, Testing, and Ethnic Bias: Can Solutions be Found?

2. Multicultural and Cross-Cultural Assessment: Dilemmas and Decisions

3. Development of TEMAS, A Multicultural Thematic Apperception Test: Psychometric Properties and Clinical Utility

SECTION TWO: New Developments in the Theories and Measurement of White and Black Racial Attitudes

4. Toward a Methodology for Measuring and Assessing Racial as Distinguished from Ethnic Identity

5. Exploring the Complexity of Racial Identity Attitude Measures

6. Development of the Oklahoma Racial Attitudes Scale Preliminary Form (ORAS-P)

SECTION THREE: Measurement of the Relationships of Multicultural Counseling Competencies and Counselor Training

7. Development and Initial Validation of the Multicultural Counseling Awareness Scale

8. The Multicultural Counseling Inventory: Validity and Applications in Multicultural Training

9. Assessing Multicultural Counseling Competencies Using the Multicultural Counseling Inventory: A Review of the Research


Appendix A: Acculturation Instrumentation

Appendix B: Acculturation Effects on Client Reactions

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