Buros-Nebraska Series on Measurement and Testing


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Published in Teacher Training in Measurement and Assessment Skills, edited by

Steven L. Wise (Lincoln, NE: Buros Institute of Mental Measurements, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 1993).


Copyright © 1993 by Buros Institute of Mental Measurements. Digital edition copyright © 2012 Buros Center for Testing. This book may be downloaded, saved, and printed by an individual for their own use. No part of this book may be re-published, re-posted, or redistributed without written permission of the holder of copyright.




1. Matching Measurement Instruction to Classroom-Based Evaluation: Perceived Discrepancies, Needs, and Challenges
Arlen R. Gullickson

2. Teacher Training in Assessment: Overcoming the Neglect
Richard J. Stiggins

3. The Development of Standards for Teacher Competence in Educational Assessment of Students
James R. Sanders and Suzanne R. Vogel

4. Some Thoughts on Grading Systems and Practices
James S. Terwilliger

5. Teachers' Assessment of Students: Roles, Responsibilities, and Purpose
Donna Campbell

6. Teachers' Testing Knowledge, Skills, and Practices
Ronald N. Marso and Fred L. Figge

7. Measurement Training in Nebraska Teacher Education Programs
Steven L. Wise and Leslie E. Lukin

8. Thoughts on the Relationship Between Measurement Knowledge and Teacher Effectiveness
Jack J. Kramer

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