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Acknowledgments .i

Table of Contents ii

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List of Figures viii

Disclaimer ix

I. Introduction 1

II. Baseline Descriptions and Assumptions for the Five Farm Types .l5

III. Operational Descriptions of the Five Farm Types .l9

IV. Single-Year Economic Comparisons 27

V. Long-Term Economic Variability 42

VI. Energy Analysis and Comparison of Five Farming Systems 46

VII. Nutrient Budgets and Soil Erosion 53

VIII. Relative Susta.inability of Five Farming Systems 55

IX. Conclusions 63

Appendix 1. Deriving baseline descriptions 69

Appendix 2. Machinery tables 78

Appendix 3. Selected reference materials 93

Appendix 4. Economic analysis 97

4A. Conventional 108

4B. Modified conventional. 120

4C. Agroforestry 136

4D. Organic 162

4E. Beef 210

Appendix 5. Estimating income variability 224

Appendix 6. Energy budgets 241

Appendix 7. Erosion and nutrient budgets 283

Appendix 8. Sustainability 297

References 300