CARI: Center for Applied Rural Innovation


Date of this Version

September 1997


Published by the Center for Applied Rural Innovation, University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Copyright © 1997 by J. Allen, S. Cordes, A. Smith, R. Filkins, and E. Jarecki.


This working paper presents findings from the second annual Nebraska Rural Poll. The study is based on 3,264 responses from households in the 87 non-metropolitan counties in the state. The objectives of this paper are to answer the following questions:

1. Do rural Nebraskans generally support policies of state and local governments which provide tax breaks and other financial incentives to businesses that will locate or make a commitment to stay in their state/area?

2. How effective do rural Nebraskans believe the Nebraska Employment and Investment Growth Act and the Nebraska Employment Expansion and Investment Incentive Act have been in helping rural Nebraska?

3. How high a priority do rural Nebraskans feel the following development options should be for the state?
• Promote Nebraska agricultural products
• Promote the location of manufacturing firms in rural Nebraska
• Promote the development of industrial parks in rural Nebraska
• Promote the development of retail shopping centers in rural Nebraska
• Promote the expansion of existing industries in rural Nebraska
• Promote the development of telecommunications networks in rural Nebraska
• Promote the development of small businesses in rural Nebraska
• Promote tourism in rural Nebraska