CARI: Center for Applied Rural Innovation


Date of this Version

September 2007


Published by the Center for Applied Rural Innovation, University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Copyright © 2007 by C. Burkhart-Kriesel, R. Cantrell, B. Johnson, C. Narjes, and R. Vogt.


Key Findings

• Most new residents considered other locations before choosing their current location.

• Most new residents view their new communities as friendly, trusting, and supportive.

• Many new residents are involved in their new community, but are not as engaged as they were in their previous community.

• Many new residents are either not planning to stay in their current community or aren’t sure of their plans.

• Younger persons are more likely than older persons to be planning to leave or to be unsure of their plans.

• The feeling of belonging in the community has the strongest relationship with the expectation of staying in the community.