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Nebraska Rural Poll Research Report 13-4, October 2013.


Copyright 2013 University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Following record levels of farm income in Nebraska in 2011, those levels only dropped slightly in 2012 even though the state experienced one of the worst droughts in 50 years. And, historically Nebraska’s per capita income has been below the national average. However, in 2012 the Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates show the state’s per capita income was higher than the national average. Given the challenges and uncertainties of recent years, how do rural Nebraskans feel about their community? Are they satisfied with the services provided by their community? Are they planning to move from their community in the next year? How do rural Nebraskans believe they are doing and how do they view their future? How satisfied are they with various items that influence their well-being? Have these views changed over the past eighteen years? This paper provides a detailed analysis of these questions.

This report details 2,317 responses to the 2013 Nebraska Rural Poll, the eighteenth annual effort to understand rural Nebraskans’ perceptions. Respondents were asked a series of questions about their community and well-being. Trends for some of the questions are examined by comparing data from the seventeen previous polls to this year’s results. In addition, comparisons are made among different respondent subgroups, that is, comparisons by age, occupation, region, etc. Based on these analyses, some key findings emerged.