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January 1990


This article was published in Journal of American Chemical Society, 112, pp 1649 - 1650, 1990. © American Chemical Society. Please contact the publisher for the full published version. Please visit American Chemical Society Publications home page


The selective separation of organic acids is important for the production of numerous biologially functional rnuleculcs, including amino acids, peptidcs, fats, and pharmaceuticals.' Enzyme, specificalty lipases and proteases, have been used to selectively separate a variety of organic acids; however, multiple steps are usually required,Vn additiun, carbonic anhydrase has been usd in a variety of Eiquid membranes for transport of CO2.) In the present study, we have coupled the selectiviey of enzymes with liquid membranes to provide a single-step method to scicctiveiy separate and purify organic acids.