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Mineralization of Monodispersed CdS Nanoparticles on Polyelectrolyte Superstructure Forming an Electroluminescent “Necklace-of-Beads”

Date of this Version

May 2006


This Publication was originally Published by American Chemical Society (10.1021/la061273w CCC: $33.50 © 2006 American Chemical Society).


We report a nonmicellar method to synthesize monodisperse semiconducting nanoparticles templated on polymer chains dissolved in solution at high yield. The monodispersity is achieved due to the beaded necklace morphology of the polyelectrolyte chains in solution where the beads are nanometer-scale nodules in the polymer chain. The resultant structure is a nanoparticles studded necklace where the particles are imbedded in the beads. Multiple cycles of synthesis on the polymer template yield nanoparticles of identical size, resulting in a nanocomposite with high particle fraction. The resultant nanocomposite has beaded-fibrilar morphology with imbedded nanoparticles and can be solution-casted to make electroluminescent thin film device.

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