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The inventors of this patent are Doany; Fuad E. (Katonah, NY), Grube; Gary W. (Washingtonville, NY), Saraf; Ravi (Lincoln, NE).Any relevant information about this patent can be obtained from the following link of united states patent. United states Patent no.5,314,709


The present invention relates to a dry process for forming patterns on a substrate. More particularly, the process contemplates coating an unzippable polymer film with a small amount of desirable UV if required on a substrate; laser ablating said film into a desired pattern or mask; screening a conductive or resistive paste onto the substrate through the ablated features of said mask; heating said substrate and mask to the unzipping temperature of said mask; and, vaporizing said mask and UV absorbing dye if present leaving behind the solid of said conductive or resistive past adhered to the substrate in the desired pattern.